The robot-mounted optical CMM 3D scanners for automated inspection

Accelerate your industrial inspection processes by bringing quality control as close to the part as possible. For companies wanting to get accurate results fast, Creaform has developed a robot-mounted optical CMM 3D scanner, the MetraSCAN 3D™ R-Series. Part of Creaform’s MetraSCAN 3D lineup, this measuring system enables manufacturing companies harness the power of optical measurements and industrial automation directly on their production lines—and make quality control easier and more effective. In combination with industrial robots, the MetraSCAN 3D R-Series increases the reliability, speed and versatility of on-line inspection and quality control (QC) processes.

The MetraSCAN 3D R-Series stands as an innovative robotized solution that can be seamlessly integrated into factory automation projects and guarantees optimal measurement accuracy and speed, providing increased productivity and product quality. The automated inspection solution is available in Standard and Elite versions.

The shop-floor 3D scanner works with the C-Track™ optical tracker. Users can take full advantage of the C-Link™ functionality by connecting up to 4 C-Tracks in a single network to drastically increase the versatility of the system.

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  • 1.5X more accurate
  • 12X faster with 7 laser crosses
  • 25% lighter
  • Scan any type of material, even black, multicolored and shiny surfaces
  • Greater volume of 16.6 m3 (586 ft3)
  • Sturdy design for shop-floor hardware reliability
  • Multi-function buttons for easier interaction with the software
  • Metrology-grade measurements: accuracy of up to 0.030 mm (0.0012 in.), resolution of up to 0.050 mm (0.0020 in.), high repeatability and traceable certificate
  • Dynamic referencing: optical reflectors are used to create a reference system that is “locked” to the part, so users can move the object any way they want during the measurement process
  • Volumetric accuracy of 0.064 mm (0.0025 in.)
  • Accurate measurement of parts ranging from 0.2 to 10 meters (0.7 to 33 feet) in size
  • No accuracy drift over time with the easy-to-perform field calibration procedure
  • No rigid setup required: the part and the system can be moved freely at any time during measurement
  • Versatile 3D scanning: can scan any type of color and material, even black, multicolored and shiny surfaces
  • Greater and easily extendable measurement volume
  • Automatic alignment: optical reflectors allows for repetitive inspections without re-alignment
  • Optional probing capabilities by adding the HandyPROBE Next
  • Multi-function buttons for easier interaction with the software
  • Short learning curve and intuitive operation
  • Fastest 3D scanner on the market: 12 times faster than the previous generation
  • Highest measurement rate among all laser scanners: 480,000 measurements/s
  • Automatic mesh output: ready-to-use files, right as you complete acquisition
  • Quick workflow integration: fastest path from physical objects to your design or inspection workflow

Technical Specifications:

MetraSCAN 750-R™ MetraSCAN 750-R™|Elite
Accuracy (1) Up to 0.030 mm (0.0012 in.)
Volumetric Accuracy (2)
(based on working volume)

9.1 m3 (320 ft3)

16.6 m3 (586 ft3)

 0.086 mm
(0.0034 in.)0.122 mm
(0.0048 in.)
 0.064 mm
(0.0025 in.)0.078 mm
(0.0031 in.)
Volumetric accuracy with MaxSHOT 3D (3) 0.060 mm + 0.025 mm/m
(0.0024 in. + 0.0003 in./ft.)
 0.044 mm + 0.025 mm/m
(0.0017 in. + 0.0003 in./ft.)
Resolution 0.050 mm (0.0020 in.)
Scanning area 275 x 250 mm (10.8 x 9.8 in.)
Stand-off distance 300 mm (11.8 in.)
Depth of field 200 mm (7.9 in.)
Light source 7 laser crosses (+ 1 extra line)
Laser class 2M (eye safe)
Measurement rate 480,000 measurements/s
Weight Scanner: 1.38 kg (3.0 lbs.)
C-Track: 5.7 kg (12.5 lbs.)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 289 x 235 x 296 mm
(11.4 x 9.3 x 11.7 in.)
Operating temperature range 5–40°C (41–104°F)
Operating humidity range (non-condensing) 10–90%
Certifications EC Compliance (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, Low Voltage Directive, Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Equipment), compatible with rechargeable batteries (when applicable), IP50, WEEE

(1) Typical value for diameter measurement on a calibrated sphere artefact.

(2) Based on the ASME B89.4.22 standard. Performance is assessed with traceable length artefacts by measuring these at different locations and orientations within the working volume of the C-Track (value = maximum deviation). Performance of the MetraSCAN 3D R-Series is dependent on the working volume in which the measurement is made: 9.1 m3 (320 ft3) or 16.6 m3 (586 ft3).

(3) The volumetric accuracy of the system when using a MaxSHOT 3D cannot be superior to the default volumetric accuracy of the chosen system and model.