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Pipecheck Analyze: When you only need the analysis power of Pipecheck

Offered at a discount price, this software combines the Pipecheck corrosion and mechanical damage modules. Perfect for projects where assessment is done on-site by a senior technician, while a junior technician focuses on data acquisition. The analysis can also be done off-site by pipeline integrity engineers when on site teams are facing complex cases. Pipecheck Analyze can open any Pipecheck session, change parameters, re-process analysis and export a report.


Pipecheck Corrosion Software Module

ASME B31G compliant
Evaluate a pipeline’s fitness for service with Pipecheck’s corrosion software module for fast, yet reliable, data processing and instant on-site results. Pipecheck’s virtual pit gauge demonstrates increased accuracy and repeatability compared to traditional measurement methods, such as manual pit gauges, ultrasonic probes and single-line lasers.

Pipecheck Mechanical Damage Software Module

ASME B31.8 compliant
Analyze mechanical damage, such as dents, gouges and other localized surface deformations, with Pipecheck’s mechanical damage software module. It is the only software to provide users with an easy one-click access to strain-based assessment—a key element in ensuring the continued safety of the pipe in operation and proper maintenance as per industry safety regulations.

FEA Services

NAFEMS member
For the most detailed failure assessment of stress and strains, count on the expertise of Creaform’s Engineering Services in numerical simulations used for Level 3 assessments. Our engineers can provide a wide range of structural analyses, including finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).