The simplest path from 3D scans to your CAD software or additive manufacturing workflow
From 3D scan to CAD model in a blink

VXmodel is a post-treatment software module designed to optimize meshes and prepare 3D scans for 3D printing. VXmodel also enables designers and engineers to finalize 3D scan data and use it in their reverse engineering and product development workflows.

With a fast processing time that promptly optimizes the mesh and extracts all needed geometrical information, designers and engineers can quickly go back to the CAD workflow they already know.

Satisfied with its performance and complete toolset, thousands of users have already endorsed VXmodel, selecting it as their favorite complement to CAD software.


With a simple right-click, export your 3D data and complete your design in your prefered CAD platform, without having to learn new software. VXmodel is compatible with any CAD platform using standard formats (.iges, .setp, .dxf). Work in the ecosystem you already know and master.

Enhance your workflow with direct transfer to the following CAD software.

What can VXmodel offer you?


With VXmodel’s intuitive interface, users who value simplicity and speed can navigate the software with ease and confidence and without any previous learning.


With advanced design and modeling capabilities already included in CAD software, VXmodel offers all the complementary tools and features for mesh optimization and seamless integration into scan-based design and reverse engineering processes.


VXmodel provides the fastest shortcut to bridge 3D scanning and CAD modeling workflows, giving you the freedom to return to your favorite CAD software in a flash.

Mesh optimization + 3D Printing

With its powerful preparation and improvement tools, VXmodel allows you to quickly edit the mesh and align 3D scan data. Once the 3D scan has been improved and cleaned, you have access to a usable and optimized mesh ready for 3D printing or any other application.


Edit mesh

VXmodel provides simple, yet efficient tools to prepare the 3D scan mesh for reverse engineering or 3D printing.

  • Clean mesh
  • Fill holes
  • Merge meshes
  • Decimate mesh
  • Make mesh watertight


3D scans must be aligned to the coordinate system before exporting, which is a simple but crucial finalization step. The VXmodel alignment tool is highly flexible and straightforward.

  • Entity-based alignment
  • Best fit alignment

Product development + Reverse engineering

VXmodel only provides the needed tools and features to integrate 3D scan data into your favorite CAD software, where all design and modeling capabilities are already available. With its intuitive functions, you can easily extract the required information from the mesh and transfer it to the CAD platform in order to generate the CAD entities for your 3D modeling.


Extract entities

VXmodel allows you to easily generate NURBS surfaces for characterizing freeform regions. Geometric entities can be easily extracted from the mesh to complete the design in any CAD software.

  • Auto surface
  • Manual surface
  • 2D/3D entities
  • Curves
  • Cross-sections

Transfer to CAD

With VXmodel, you can easily export 3D data to any CAD platform using standard formats (.iges, .setp, .dxf). With a simple right-click, geometric entities can be transferred directly to the following CAD software:

  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Solid Edge

VXmodel assists you throughout your product development process

VXmodel is the ingenious assistant you’ve been looking for, helping you throughout your product development cycle. Thanks to its intuitiveness and efficiency, VXmodel allows you to accelerate your product development and, thereby, your time-to-market.

Reverse engineering

VXmodel scan-to-CAD software offers you the flexibility to clean, align, and optimize the scanned data, as well as allowing you to extract dimensional information from the mesh before transferring it to CAD software.

Product development and design

With VXmodel, you can develop new innovative products with complex shapes and designs. This way, you gain new customers by pushing your product development further, where your competitors cannot go.

Custom repairs, modifications, and aftermarket design

VXmodel enables you to extract all of the necessary dimensional information from 3D scans and use them for different retrofitting purposes, such as for replacing damaged components, updating obsolete parts, or fitting new parts into a specific assembly.

Mesh optimization and 3D printing

VXmodel offers powerful preparation and improvement tools, which enables you to quickly edit the mesh and align 3D scan data. Once the 3D scan has been cleaned, an optimized mesh is ready for 3D printing or other applications.